2nd Annual Bus Trip

07/11/2021 @ 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek

The extra bus trip for anyone who did not attend the first, will have first preference. There is only 12 spots avail, so it will fill very quickly.

Pickup is at BIG W carpark on Cross Road, Cumberland Park at 9.30 sharp (Be there by 9.15 please)…

11am to 12.15
Watkins Wines with Sam and or Sid with a full tasting

12.30 to 2.15
Confessionals with Adam and Andrew. A full tasting with a set Lunch. If any special lunch requirements are required please inform via email.

2.30 to 3.45
Stevens Wines with Graham and Carolyn. A full tasting

4pm to 5pm
Settlers Distillery. A set of 3 tastings with tonic. You make your 3 selections on the day. (Coffee is avail here at your cost 4-4.30). This venue closes at 5pm Sharp.

Big W return by 6.15pm

Cost is $55 per person/partner (only open to members)